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Congratulations Classics Graduating Students!

Photo from Stanford image library of students in cap and gown

On behalf of the Department of Classics, I would like to congratulate all graduating students, award winners and their families.

Degree Recipients

Doctor of Philosophy
Leonardo Cazzadori, "The Poet's Display: The Genre of Hellenistic Expository Poetry"
Anne Duray, "The Idea of Greek (Pre)history: Archaeological Knowledge Production and the Making of 'Early Greece' c. 1950-1980"
Eunsoo Lee, "Visual Agency in Euclid's Elements: A study of the Transmission of Visual Knowledge"
Alyson Melzer, "The Somatics of Style: The Body in Ancient Greek Theories of Verbal Art"

Bachelor of Arts
Sylvia Choo*Φ
Justin Muchnick*Φ
Cyrus Reza*Φ
Hannah Rowen*
Abraham Thompson

Bachelor of Arts with Honors
Emma Hildegard Grover*
Jenny Vo-Phamhi*
Lina Wang*Φ

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
Grant Breckenridge
Sophia Furfine

Miguel Ayala
Derek Huang
Vincent Nicandro
Tiffany Ong
James Rabe
Victoria Yuan

* = Distinction
Φ = Phi Beta Kappa

Departmental Awards

Senior Prize: Emma Grover and Lina Wang
Olympia Prize: Grant Breckenridge
Hippocrates Prize: Sylvia Choo
Classics and Human Rights Prize: Jenny Vo-Phamhi
Didaskalos Prize: Justin Muchnick
Junior Prize: Grace McGinley
2019-2020 Teaching Award: Nick Gardner and Vladimir Zuckerman

School of Humanities and Sciences Awards

The J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement: Sylvia Choo and Justin Muchnick

University Awards

Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and the Creative Arts: Lina Wang
Centennial Teaching Assistant Award: Grace Erny
2020 Award of Excellence from the Stanford Alumni Association: Lina Wang and Victoria Yuan

On behalf of our students, I would like to thank our director of undergraduate studies, John Klopacz; directors of graduate studies, Susan Stephens and Jennifer Trimble; and our administrative team, Pamela Jara-Arancibia, Claudia Ortega, Jill Westbrook, and Valerie Kiszka.

- Grant Parker (chair)

If you would like to congratulate our students, please feel free to join our departmental Facebook page and show them your support.