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Annual Webster Lecture with Nicholas Purcell (Oxford): Facultates nostrae: status dissonance, imperial integration, and economic power

November 3, 2017 -
12:15pm to 1:30pm
Building 110, Rm 112

Open to Public

This talk addresses the destabilizing of social status categories across the Roman empire in the first century of the imperial period, and how we can conceptualize and explain the changes historically. It will range from Judaea and Egypt to Gaul and Britain, and will focus on some familiar themes about subject monarchy and the genesis of an equestrian elite. 

Prof. Nicholas Purcell is the Camden Professor of Ancient History at Bradenose College, Oxford. He has written extensively on a wide range of topics in Roman History, from the anthropology of buying and selling in Antiquity to Roman religion. He is famously co-author of The Corrupting Sea, which re-situated the Mediterranean in new contexts. 

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