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Historiography Jam

April 8, 2017 - 12:00pm to 6:30pm
Stanford Humanities Center

Open to Classics students & faculty


Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University) “Tacitus, Annals 16.”

Jackie Elliott (University of Colorado Boulder) “Author and audience in the early Roman historians: the case of Cato’s Origines

Charles Hedrick (UC Santa Cruz) “The Hall of a Hundred Schools: The ancient-medieval-modern periodization and contemporary nationalism (with particular reference to China).”

Ted Kelting (Stanford University) “Germanicus the Tourist: Egypt and Dynasticism in Tacitus’ Annales

Christopher Krebs (Stanford University) “‘Greetings, Cicero!’ Caesar and Plato on Writing and Memory, with a ‘Blank’ for a ‘Signpost’”

Regina Loehr (UC Santa Barbara) “Popular Emotion and Positive Change in Polybius VI.5-9”

Rose MacLean (UC Santa Barbara) “Slavery, Ethnography, and Citizenship in the Roman World.”

Duncan MacRae (UC Berkeley) “The Shape of Roman Historiography: Reading FRHist from a distance”

Robert Morstein-Marx (UC Santa Barbara) “Asinine Questions: Pollio’s Civil War

Dylan Sailor (University of California Berkeley) “The 'Second Preface' of Tacitus' Annales (4.32-33) and Vergil's Georgics: Genre, Interpretation, Politics."

Kelly Shannon (University of Alabmam) “Citation, Autopsy, and Authority in the Paradoxographical Works of Phlegon of Tralles (FGrH 257 F 36-37)”

Rex Stem (University of California Davis) “Caesar’s Gallic War in Plutarch’s Life of Caesar.”

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