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Historiography Jam at Stanford

Sat April 2nd 2016, 8:00am - 3:00pm
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Department of Classics
Stanford Humanities Center - Board Room
Historiography Jam at Stanford


Karen Acton (Washington University) “Blood in Tacitus: Kinship and Social Order in Annals 4.52-67.”

Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University) “Tacitus, Fides, and the Flavians.”

Jackie Elliott (University of Colorado Boulder) “Self-reference, authorial comment and the use of the first person in Justin’s Epitome of Trogus’ Philippic Histories.”

Luca Grillo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) “(A)symmetries in Livy.”

Charles Hedrick (University of California Santa Cruz) “Tacitus in the Archives.”

Mary Jaeger (University of Oregon) “Lame in One Foot: Livy’s Alternate History and the Case of T. Quinctius.”

Ted Kelting (Stanford) “New Approaches to the Hellenistic Historiographic Fragments on Egypt.”

Christopher Krebs (Stanford) “A bridge flung. Caesar and the contemporary architectural discourse.”

Robert Morstein-Marx (University of California Santa Barbara) “Caesar the Optimate: “Popular” leaders in the Commentarii.”

Dylan Sailor (University of California Berkeley) “Some historiographical presences in Tacitus, Agricola 21.”

Rex Stem (University of California Davis) “Reading Exemplary History as Philosophical History: The Precepts of Cicero’s De Officiis, Book 3, and Livy’s AUC, Book 2.”

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