Postclassicisms Roundtable Discussion

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Fri January 22nd 2021, 12:00 - 1:00pm
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Department of Classics
Online - Via Zoom

This year, the department will launch a multifaceted project around outreach and public engagement. The first element of this project will be introspective - a time to reevaluate and reframe together what exactly it is we hope to share and how best to do so. Our first attempt to address these complex questions will take place at a virtual roundtable discussion for the Stanford Classics community, and will use excerpts from the recently published book Postclassicisms to springboard discussion. This work reflects on the values attributed to antiquity, and how modern scholars might responsibly and productively study the Graeco-Roman past in our present contexts. 

A panel of graduate students and faculty will respond to the reading and help guide a larger discussion. Although written primarily by Hellenist philologists and historians, we intend that Postclassicisms will inspire a dialogue relevant to and reflective of all areas of our department. This will be but the first in a larger series of discussions, talks, and projects.

Panelists: Serena Crosson, Vladimir Zuckerman, Giovanna Ceserani, and Hans Bork 

Chaired by Alyson Melzer and Grant Parker

Students planning to attend can enter for a chance to receive a free electronic copy of Postclassicisms: 20 copies will be distributed via lottery. Contact Alyson Melzer (amelzer [at] (amelzer[at]stanford[dot]edu)) by 11/20 to enter.

A pdf of the selected reading is attached: we will focus on the “Intro to the Intro” and “Value” sections (pgs. 3-18); the proceeding two chapters (“Time” and “Responsibility”) are provided for additional context for those interested and can be briefly discussed if helpful, but are not required.

Zoom link will be provided via email to the Classics community

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