Reframing Classics: 'The Brutish Museums'

Wed May 12th 2021, 10:00 - 11:00am
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Department of Classics
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Please join us on Wednesday, May 12 at 10am! We will use excerpts of Dan Hick's Brutish Museums to discuss modern relationships to the histories and present realities of cultural artifacts, and the communities who produced them. Our reading covers the Preface through Chapter 3, as well as the Afterword and accompanying Appendices. Please read through these sections before the event. A PDF is attached; the book is also available on Searchworks.Panelists: Amanda Gaggioli, Dillon Gisch, Kilian Mallon, and Jen TrimbleChaired by Alyson Melzer and Grant ParkerZoom link will be coming soon!This is the third in a series of roundtable discussions. As the department launches a multifaceted project around community engagement, the first step will be introspection - a time to collaboratively reevaluate the makings of the discipline(s). This series is entitled Reframing Classics, and is open to all members of the Stanford Classics community. Please join us for a virtual roundtable led by panels of graduate students and faculty members, featuring pre-circulated readings.

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