SCIT Presents Elektrafied

Fri May 6th 2022, 6:30 - 9:00pm
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Department of Classics
Elliott Program Center, 589 Governor's Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
SCIT Presents Elektrafied

SCIT Presents Elektrafied

April 29, 6:30pm - 9:00pm (doors open at 6pm)May 6, 6:30pm - 9:00pm (doors open at 6pm)Elliott Program Center, 589 Governor's Ave, Stanford, CA 94305Admission: Free!Stanford Classics in Theater (SCIT) has been promoting classical theater through original research, rehearsal, and production since 2008. Undergraduate and graduate students from the Classics Department and across the Stanford community come together to adapt a Classical drama into a modern, student-led performance in the Spring quarter of the academic year.

This year, SCIT is proud to present its adaptation of Sophocles' Electra as a 1920s murder mystery set in San Francisco. Alfred Atreides, a tycoon, adventurer, and war hero, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and been pronounced dead. Foul play is suspected. This further shock to the Atreides family already stricken after the death of their only daughter, ten years ago.

Elektra, an orphan and maid in the cursed mansion of the wealthy Atreides family, is looking for her big escape from this den of rats in crowns. Her efforts are stopped by her mistress, Judith, and Alfred's overly friendly cousin, Randolph. Her only friend, Judith's daughter, Astrid, does not want Elektra to leave- especially when their own childhood friend, Alastor- a fellow orphan- might still be alive! Meanwhile, a mysterious detective has shown up in the middle of the night, causing quite the stir for the aged butler, and soon for the rest of the house as well...

How will it all turn out?! Come and see! Come and see....

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