Undergraduate Honors Thesis Presentations

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Thu June 6th 2019, 10:00 - 11:00am
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Department of Classics
Building 110, Room 112
Undergraduate Honors Thesis Presentations

Please join us to congratulate Anna Widder and Carolyn Manion and hear about their undergraduate honor theses. Presentations are approximately 10 minutes each followed by a few minutes of Q&A.

Presenter: Anna Widder

Thesis: Roma Aeterna: Memory, Language, and Space in Rome.

Advisor: Grant Parker

Second Reader: Justin Leidwanger

Presenter: Carolyn Manion

Thesis: Gens Fortissima et Florentissima: Reading Isidore of Seville's Historia through the Twofold Lens of Bishop and Historian.

Advisor: Richard Martin

Second Reader: Christopher Krebs

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