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Workshop in History of Greek Mathematics

October 27, 2017 -
9:00am to 5:00pm
Classics Building 110, Room 112


Twenty years ago, in 1997, Wilbur Knorr of Stanford University passed away. Everyone who studies Greek mathematics today, does so following Knorr's footsteps. Contemporary scholars concentrate on what mattered to the ancient mathematicians themselves – and no longer suppose that those mathematicians had to pursue any philosophical agenda. Instead, contemporary scholarship concentrates on the practices, the problems, and the texts, of the extant Greek mathematical works. We gather in Stanford a group of historians to a Workshop in the History of Greek Mathematics, in honor of Knorr's crucial contributions.

Organized by Professor Reviel Netz

speakers are: Michael Fried

Henry Mendell

Stephen Menn

Marco Panza

Ken Saito

Nathan Sidoli

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Department of Mathematics, Program in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Department of Classics
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