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Historiography Jam at Stanford



1PM: Introductory Remarks


1.05 – 1.50: Karen Acton (Washington University)

“Blood in Tacitus: Kinship and Social Order in Annals 4.52-67.”


1.55 – 2.40: Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University)

“Tacitus, Fides, and the Flavians.”


2.45 – 3.30: Jackie Elliott (University of Colorado Boulder)

“Self-reference, authorial comment and the use of the first person in

Justin’s Epitome of Trogus’ Philippic Histories.”


3.30 – 3.55 Coffee break


4 – 4.45: Luca Grillo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

“(A)symmetries in Livy.”


4.50 – 5.35: Charles Hedrick (University of California Santa Cruz)

“Tacitus in the Archives.”


5.35 – 6: General Q&A



8.15 – 9: Mary Jaeger (University of Oregon)

“Lame in One Foot: Livy’s Alternate History and the Case of T. Quinctius.”


9.05 – 9.50: Ted Kelting (Stanford)

“New Approaches to the Hellenistic Historiographic Fragments on Egypt.”


9.55 – 10.40: Christopher Krebs (Stanford)

“A bridge flung. Caesar and the contemporary architectural discourse.”


Short Break


11.05 – 11.50: Robert Morstein-Marx (University of California Santa Barbara)

“Caesar the Optimate: “Popular” leaders in the Commentarii.”


11.55 – 12.40: Dylan Sailor (University of California Berkeley)

“Some historiographical presences in Tacitus, Agricola 21.”


12.45 – 1.30: Rex Stem (University of California Davis)

“Reading Exemplary History as Philosophical History: The Precepts of

Cicero’s De Officiis, Book 3, and Livy’s AUC, Book 2.


1.30 – 3.00: Lunch for participants and final discussion.