Autumn 2020 Dissertation Defenses: Ten-Hove and Krieger

We are happy to report that Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ten-Hove and Anja Krieger successfully passed their defenses and submitted their dissertations this quarter.

Congratulations, Dr. Ten-Hove and Dr. Krieger!

Lizzy is on the Language and Literature track.  His dissertation, "Aeschylus and the Cultural History of Tragedy: Dramatic Connoisseurship, Ideology, and Poetics from the 5th Century BCE to the 5th Century CE", was advised by Natasha Peponi with Susan Stephens, Richard Martin, and Mark Griffith (UC Berkeley) serving as committee members. Lizzy successfully defended on November 10, 2020. 

Anja is on the Classical Archeology track. Her dissertation, "People, Ships, and the Sea: Seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 13th Century BC to c. 4th Century BC", was advised by Michael Shanks with Ian Morris and Justin Leidwanger serving as committee members. Anja successfully defended on November 19, 2020.