Eugene Cruz-Uribe Memorial Student Grant awarded to Ümit Ozturk

Congratulations to Ümit Ozturk, PhD student! He has been awarded the Eugene Cruz-Uribe Memorial Student Grant. This grant will support Ümit’s research for the data-collection stage of his dissertation project on the fiscal regimes of the eastern Mediterranean. Ümit’s research project aims to collect historical data on Egyptian and Greek fiscal regimes, to examine how, why and under what circumstances fiscal and monetary institutions persevere, change or fail, and to explore the use and abuse of social, political, and cultural visions in the transformation of fiscal regimes in order to develop a multicausal model of fiscal change. ARCE Northern California awards grants twice a year to undergraduates or graduate students of any phase of Egyptian culture, archaeology, language, etc. who attend school or have a hometown in Northern California. We'll send out the next call for applications in early spring.