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Job Placements 2020


Graduate student placements as of September 1, 2020:
Anne Duray (PhD, 2020) - Editorial Assistant at the American Journal of Archaeology and Lecturer, Stanford Archaeology Center
Edward "Ted" Kelting (PhD, 2019) - Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Classical Studies Program, University of California, San Diego

Kilian Mallon (PhD, 2019) - Humanities and Sciences Dean's Fellow for AY20-21
Alyson Melzer (PhD, 2020) - Instructor, Stanford University Summer Session Program 2020 and Humanities and Sciences Dean's Fellow for AY20-21
Mark Pyzyk (PhD, 2015) - Database Coordinator, Framing the Late Antique and Medieval Economy Project (FLAME), Princeton University Numismatic Collection
Ava Shirazi (PhD, 2017) - Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, Haverford College
Congratulations to all!