Kevin Ennis wins 2017-18 Teaching Award

The Department of Classics is glad to present its 2017-18 Teaching Award to graduate student Kevin Ennis. Kevin was the teaching assistant to Professor Trimble's winter course "Introduction to Roman Archaeology," and received wonderful feedback from students for his knowledge, dedication, and passion. Here is what some students wrote about him:

Kevin was incredibly effective at contextualizing the information we were learning within the broader scope of both Roman history and Mediterranean / European societal development as a whole.

Kevin's love and compassion for the subject at hand that was transferred easily to the students.

Kevin is the best TA that I have ever had. When Professor Trimble was gone for a family emergency, he stepped in seamlessly and flawlessly led the class on his own. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I went to his office hours every week for discussion and advice. Kevin has been an incredible mentor and teacher, and I can't recommend him highly enough for any future promotion or other opportunity.