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Nolan Epstein and Peter Shi, Recipients of 2018-2019 Teaching Award

Jun 16 2019

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Awards, Graduate

The Department of Classics is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 Teaching Award to two graduate students: Nolan Epstein and Peter Shi. Nolan has taught Classics 14: Greek and Latin Roots of English, and Peter has taught Classics 6G: Biblical Greek. Both have intrigued students to dig deeper into the languages they study and appreciate the richness and depth of the languages around them.

Students who have taken Nolan's class during the summer have said that their vocabulary has changed for the better, whether in academia or casual reading. Nolan has made the classroom setting an inviting place for students to not only learn and analyze the English language but also to communicate with other peers with a refined vocabulary and a greater appreciation for the English language.

Students who have taken Peter's class have appreciated the rich cultural contex of the New Testament and the depth of the Ancient Greek language. Peter makes every student feel welcome, and he is very devoted in making sure every student succeeds in his class.

Congratulations, Nolan and Peter!