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Profs. Devine, Morris, Peponi, and Shanks - 21st annual Humanities Center publication celebration

Mar 13 2014

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Excerpt from full story: 

Organized by the Stanford Humanities Center, the annual "Publication Celebration" gives the Stanford community an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the broad scope of humanities scholarship produced on campus.

The expansive display of books and works throughout the center's Levinthal Hall demonstrated not only the quantity of work done by Stanford scholars but the richness and depth of their academic contributions.

In the last year, scholars from 26 different departments and institutes at Stanford produced a total 67 works in the form of books, music and art.

Addressing the crowd, history Professor Caroline Winterer, the director of the Stanford Humanities Center, described the collective achievement as "quite simply the revelation of the immense reach of your imaginations into every realm of the human experience, from ancient Mesopotamia to Mondrian, from poetry to music, and from memoir to novel."