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Dec 4 2014 | Stanford News
In a study of recently erected Nelson Mandela memorials, Stanford Professor Grant Parker argues that traditional larger-than-life statues are ineffective acts of remembrance.  Read more on Stanford News
Nov 23 2014 | Stanford Report
Congratulations Maya! Excerpted from the Stanford Report: Krishnan, 22, of Rockville, Md., is majoring in philosophy, and minoring in computer science and in classics. As a Rhodes Scholar, she hopes to earn a one-year master's degree in theology and a one-year master's degree in Internet studies at...
Professor Giovanna Ceserani was featured in The Economist's "More Intelligent Life" online blog, discussing her research on the Grand Tour and the incorporation of digital methods into the humanities. From the article: "Ceserani is studying the 18th-century Grand Tour. Her database is John...
Oct 28 2014 | Stanford Report
Drawing on historical and archaeological resources, Stanford Classics scholar Adrienne Mayor's latest research highlights the history of the warrior women who inspired the Amazonian myths in ancient Greece and beyond.
Oct 24 2014 | Humanities West
From its legendary origins as a tiny cluster of villages in the Italian countryside, ancient Rome grew into a vast metropolis and the dominant power of the Mediterranean. Leaders of the Roman Republic established a constitutional framework that embodied principles of separation of powers, checks...