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Aug 3 2015
What do monkeys and humans have in common? An innate sense of economic justice All primates value fairness of some kind.  Prof. Ian Morris explains how our sense of fairness and economic justice have evolved to where they are today. Continue reading
Jul 24 2015
DNA study pinpoints when the ancient Greeks colonized Sicily and Italy. [Quotes Walter Scheidel, professor of classics and of history, on estimating the size of the founding population of ancient Greeks in Magna Graecia.] Read more on Forbes, Thurs, 7/23/15
Jul 23 2015
The Office of International Affairs (OIA) helps faculty, students and staff maximize global opportunities that enrich research and learning and that broaden the impact of both.  Prof. Rush Rehm is one of the recipients of this year's grant.
Jul 3 2015 | NY Times
In response to an international call to classicists, as mentioned in The Telegraph on June 29, Armand Marie Leroi cites Stanford professor Josh Ober's latest book in her NY Times op-ed, "The Gifts of Eternal Greece".
Jun 16 2015
Professor Josiah Ober has long suspected that some of the long-held ideas scholars had about the ancient Greek world could be wrong. Thanks to his innovative digital research project, he now has the data to show it.    Read more about it on Stanford News.