Stanford Classics at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the SCS and AIA

2022 Joint Annual SCS/AIA Meeting – The Stanford Classics Department would like to congratulate our faculty, lecturers, fellows, graduate students, and alumni who are presenters, organizers, panelists, and discussants at the annual meeting this week! 

Every winter, the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and the Society for Classical Studies (SCS), holds its joint annual meeting that invites scholars from across the globe to explore the ancient world. This year’s annual meeting is virtual and is taking place January 5-8, 2022.   

Scholars participate in different sessions that explore artifacts, art, social systems, fashion, cooking vessels, trade networks, shipwrecks, architecture, inscriptions, teaching, race and ethnicity, and archaeological research methods. 

Current Members and Affiliates of the Department 

Patrick Crowley – Francisco Vezzoli's Polychromy  

Grace Erny - Bridging the "Gap": Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Cretan polis in the Archaic and Classical period (Joint AIA-SCS Session organized by Grace Erny, Stanford University, Dominic Pollard, University College, London, Jesse Obert, University of California, Berkeley) 

Amanda Gaggioli - Poseidon Ἐννοσίγαιος as “Traditional Environmental Knowledge” of Earthquake Hazards and Risks in the Greco-Roman World 

Dillon Gisch - Images of "Modest Venus" and Multi-Scalar Identity Politics on Roman Provincial Coins 

Thomas Leibundgut - More than a Woman: The Complex Identities of Rome's Working Women  

Justin Leidwanger, Umar Patel, Jenny Vo-Phamhi, Sean Crowley, Christina Wang, Sheila Matthews (Institute of Nautical Archaeology), and Elizabeth S. Greene (Brock University) - Digital Analysis of Transport Amphora Efficiency in Roman Maritime Trade 

Elizabeth S. Greene (Brock University), Justin Leidwanger, and Leopoldo Repola (Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples) - Toward an Inclusive Maritime Heritage: Community Perceptions of Mediterranean Connectivity Beyond Antiquity

James Macksoud - Portoria and State Revenues during the Roman Principate 

Kelly Nguyen - The Roman Empire in Vietnam: Ernest Hébrard, Urban Planning and Racial Segregation 

Ümit Öztürk - Trading in the Dark: Smugglers, State, and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean 

Catherine Teitz - From Decumanus to Main Street at Corbridge: Rethinking Frontier Sites with Everyday Urbanism

Ian Tewksbury - δατέομαι and the Ideology of Division in Homer 

Sarah T. Wilker - From Jar to Cup: A Holistic Examination of the Knidian Wine Economy

Caroline Winterer – Response - Session 67: New Trends in Early American Classical Reception 



Scott Arcenas - Political Violence and Economic Growth in Ancient Greece  

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne - Pleasure as Pedagogy in the Essay on the Life and Poetry of Homer  

Megan Daniels, The University of British Columbia, Sandra Blakely, Emory University, and Kenneth Yu, The University of Toronto (organizers) - 6I: Homo Necans Revisited: Diachrony and the Long-Term in the Study of Ancient Religions (Colloquium) 

Anne Duray - The Cup-Bearer Fresco of Knossos and Racial Discourses in Aegean Prehistory during the Late 19th–Early 20th Centuries 

Christelle Fischer-Bovet - Session 18: Literary Texts as Objects (Organized by the American Society of Papyrologists and the Committee on Publications and Research, Colin Whiting, Dumbarton Oaks, and Christelle Fischer-Bovet, University of Southern California) 

Marcus Folch – Session 25: Parmenides and Plato (Marcus Folch, Columbia University, Presiding) 

Ted Kelting - Session 79: Egypt (Edward Kelting, University of California, San Diego, Presiding) 

Sarah C. Murray, University of Toronto, Catherine E. Pratt, Western University, Melanie Godsey, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Joseph Frankl, University of Michigan, Bartłomiej Lis, Polish Academy of Sciences, Grace Erny, Stanford University, Robert Stephan, University of Arizona, Maeve McHugh, University of Birmingham, and Philip Sapirstein, University of Toronto – 1A: New Fieldwork in Aegean Prehistory - The Bays of East Attica Regional Survey 2020–2021: New Evidence for Settlement, Exchange, and Craft Production from Porto Rafti, Greece 

Marden Nichols - The Player and the Playwrights (MANN 9019) 

Dan-el Padilla Peralta - Kehinde Wiley's Classicisms - Session 61: Revisioning Classicism in Contemporary Art (Organized by Patrick Crowley, Stanford University and Verity Platt, Cornell University) 

Ben Radcliffe - Recasting Heroes: Labor, Metallurgy, and Critical Aesthetics in the Iliad  

Brett Rogers – Session 46: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction and Fantasy (Organized by Brett Rogers, University of Puget Sound, Jesse Weiner, Hamilton College, and Benjamin Eldon Stevens, TrinityUniversity) 

Stephen Sansom - Prediction in Pedagogy  

Ava Shirazi - Glimpses of Gestures: Refusing and Recovering Loss in Honig and Euripides)  

Matt Simonton - Session 52: Greek History (1) (Matthew SimontonArizona State University, Presiding) 

Eunice Kim and Adriana Vazquez - Finding our Core: WCC Membership, Mentorship, and Outreach  

Jenny Vo-Phamhi, University of Oxford, Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi, University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth S. Greene, Brock University, and Justin Leidwanger, Stanford University - 2L: Poster Session - Computational Analysis of Cargo Amphoras from the Sixth-Century B.C.E. Shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey 

If we overlooked anyone, please let us know, and we will update this list. 

Congratulations to everyone.