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Two new poems by Sappho discussed at joint UC Berkeley-Stanford symposium on May 2.

May 7 2014

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Classicists around the world have been busy puzzling over and talking about fragments from two new poems of the 6th-century BCE poet Sappho of Lesbos ever since Oxford papyrologist Dirk Obbink shared a preliminary version of the forthcoming first edition. The UC Berkeley and Stanford Classics Departments joined forces for a symposium to share ideas about the fragments. 

The Berkeley-Stanford Joint Seminar on the New Sappho Fragments was held at UC Berkeley on Friday, May 2. The schedule was as follows:

2:10-2:15: Welcome/Introduction by Leslie Kurke
2:15-2:45: Group translation of new fragments led by Donald Mastronarde, UC Berkeley
2:45-3:00: "Gendered Spheres and Mythic Models in Sappho's Brothers Fragment" by Leslie Kurke
3:00-3:15: "Sappho and Mythopoetics of Reality" by Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi, Stanford
3:15-3:30: "Sappho Iambist" by Richard P. Martin, Stanford
3:30-3:45: "Sappho's Oikonomia" by Mark Griffith, UC Berkeley
3:45-5:00: General discussion