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Adam Marshak

Adam Marshak

History teacher at Gann Academy

BA Classics and History 2001

I have been extremely active since graduating from Stanford in 2001.  Immediately after graduation, I entered a PhD program in Roman history at Yale, and I completed my PhD in 2008.  I have also published several articles on Herod, the Hasmoneans, the Herodian Dynasty, and Roman Judaea, as well as a number of entries in ancient encyclopedias and dictionaries.  I have also recently revised and published my dissertation as a full-length monograph, The Many Faces of Herod the Great, which is being published by Wm B. Eerdmanns Publishing Company.  I also just recently finished filming a documentary on Herod, which should be coming out in Spring of 2017.

I am currently living in the Boston area with my wife Melissa and two children Yaira and Ophira.  I am currently teaching history at Gann Academy, a non-denominational Jewish high school, and I have been at this current job for nine years.

Please feel free to contact me at  I’m happy to answer any questions about the book, Roman history in general, teaching high school, or how to survive Boston drivers!