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Adrienne Mayor

Adrienne Mayor

Research Scholar, Department of Classics

Adrienne Mayor is a historian of ancient science and warfare, and a classical folklorist who investigates natural knowledge contained in pre-scientific myths and oral traditions. Mayor's most recent book is The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World (2014), winner of the Sarasvati Prize for Women in Mythology 2016. Her biography of Mithradates VI of Pontus, The Poison Kin, was a finalist for the National Book Award 2009 and won top honors for Biography, Independent Publishers' Awards 2010. Her research looks at ancient "folk science" precursors, alternatives, and parallels to modern scientific methods. Mayor's two books on pre-Darwinian fossil traditions in classical antiquity and in Native America opened a new field within the emerging discipline of Geomythology, and her book on the origins of biological weapons uncovered the ancient roots of biochemical warfare. She's also a Research Scholar in Stanford's History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Program. Mayor's work has been featured on NPR and BBC, the History Channel, and other popular media, including New York Times, USA Today, Foreign Affairs, and National Geographic; her books are translated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, and Greek. Mayor's research is featured in the National Geographic children's book The Griffin and the Dinosaur (by M. Aronson, 2014). She is a regular contributor to the award-winning history of science website Wonders and Marvels.


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