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Alan Sheppard

Alan Sheppard

Ph.D Language and Literature, Stanford University

Alan completed his Ph.D in Language and Literature in 2016. His dissertation focused on the development of inscribed epigram in Archaic and Classical Greece. It investigates how inscribed epigram, previously a form of poetry characterised by a diversity in metre, diction and locality, developed into a genre with recognisable dictional and thematic features in Classical Greece. 

His dissertation allowed him to combine the study of Greek literature with epigraphic and historical studies (including hymns, old comedy and historiography). More broadly he is interested in questions of cultural memory and literature as well as the role the study of inscriptions can play in discussions of orality and literacy. 

Away from the library, he enjoys exploring California’s parks and hiking trails as well as translating, acting and producing with Stanford Classics in Theater for whom he has served as both Financial Officer and President.