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Andrew Monson

Andrew Monson

Associate Professor and Chair of Classics, New York University
Ph.D. in Ancient History, 2008
M.Phil. in Archaeology, University College London
B.A. in Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Andrew took up a tenure-track position in the Classics department at New York University in 2008 just after receiving his Ph.D. from Stanford. Advised by Joseph Manning, Walter Scheidel, Ian Morris and Josiah Ober, his dissertation examined the transfer of power in Egypt from the Ptolemies to the Romans and its impact on the agrarian economy.

Andrew will take a short break from his duties as chair of the Classics department at NYU to be a guest professor at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris in 2019. He will teach a seminar for four weeks about his current book project on taxation in the ancient world and the comparative history of fiscal regimes.


April 2015
From Cambridge University Press: 
"Inspired by the New Fiscal History, this book represents the first global survey of taxation in the premodern...