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Carolyn MacDonald

Carolyn MacDonald

PhD 2015 - Language and Literature

BA in Classics, Dalhousie University and the University of King's College

MA in Classics, Dalhousie University

Carolyn was a graduate student on the Ancient Literature track.  She received a First Class Honours BA in Classics from Dalhousie University in 2007 and completed her MA in 2009, with a thesis entitled "Poetic Infidelity in Catullus' Carmina Docta."  She completed her doctoral dissertation, " Looking like a Roman, Looking like a Greek: Viewing as Cultural Performance in the Late Republic and Early Empire."  Her research and teaching interests include Latin literature, Roman visual culture, and Graeco-Roman cultural interaction.


June 2015
In the long wake of Rome’s conquest of the Greek Mediterranean, the self-styled Italian backwater was flooded with Greek arts, Greek texts, and Greek...