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Courtney Roby

Courtney Roby

Assistant Professor of Classics, Cornell University
PhD in Language and Literature, 2011

 BA in Mathematics, BS in Electrical Engineering, MA in Classics, MS in Electrical Engineering (Photonics), University of Colorado at Boulder

Courtney's research interests are concentrated in the history of ancient science (medicine, mathematics, technology). She is particularly interested in the role of the “scientist” in society, in literary aspects of scientific documents, and in the processes of defining and disseminating scientific work.  Her Stanford dissertation was entitled, "The encounter of knowledge: technical ekphrasis between Alexandria and Rome," and was advised by Reviel Netz, Alessandro Barchiesi, Maud Gleason, Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi, and Jessica Riskin (History).


July 2011
This dissertation is a study of the techniques used to represent mechanical technology in ancient literature from Hellenistic Greece to late-ancient...