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Foivos Karachalios

Foivos Karachalios

Travel Consultant
Ph.D. in Classics, 2013 Stanford
MA in Classical Literature, University of Athens
MPhil in Classics, University of Cambridge
BA in Classical Philology, University of Athens

Foivos studied Classics at Athens, Freiburg, and Cambridge before coming to Stanford; he has given talks on ancient politics and literature at the annual meetings of the APA and the CA (in Aristophanes, Bacchylides, and Plato). His Stanford dissertation "Dispute resolution and state formation in early Greece" employs methodologies from the social sciences to tackle questions at the intersection of literature and history. Disputes play a central role in many works of early Greek literature. These works, however, display an array of different takes on the process, reflecting competing points of view. An analysis of what was at stake in this context allows us to tease out the motivations for the gradual transformation of this pre-legal system through the introduction of written law. In turn, written law had both intended and unintended effects on subsequent institutional and economic developments. Examining this process helps us understand how a landscape of relatively small and institutionally simple communities in the eight century BCE gave way to the competitive ecology of larger and more complex city-states, already in the early classical age.

After graduating from Stanford (in 2013), Foivos has moved on to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial life, utitlizing his extensive travel and budget expertise in a fledgling start-up venture.  He is now a travel consultant.


July 2013
In the eighth century BCE, the relatively small and relatively simple Dark Age settlements of the Greek world start changing, as a demographic boom...