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Hans Bork

Photo of Hans Bork

Hans Bork

Assistant Professor of Classics
Ph.D., UCLA, 2018

Hans Bork received his Ph.D. from the Department of Classics at UCLA in 2018, and joined the Stanford department the same year. His dissertation project was on the sociolinguistic, performative, and historical aspects of insult and abuse language in Plautus. Hans is broadly interested in the intersection of language and social identity, as well as jokes and humor, which naturally leads to a specific interest in Roman comedy and other Early Latin literature. Additional interests include Roman Satire, the Italic dialects and the history of the Latin language, vernacular Latin texts, and Indo-European linguistics.  Hans' current research includes a monograph that expands and refines his dissertation project, as well as articles on the reception of Greek epigram during the Roman period, emotional exclamations in comic performance, the use of religious jokes in Latin comedy, and the significance of Italic place-names in Plautine dialogue.


Academia profile and CV available here.