Hyunjip Kim

PhD Candidate in Language and Literature
B.A. (Hons) Literae Humaniores, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, 2016; M.A. Classics, Language and Literature, Stanford University, 2017

Hyunjip read Classics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and received an M.A. in Classics from Stanford.

Hyunjip's current dissertation project deals with the development of the genre of philosophia in Ancient Greece. Specifically, he is studying whether the genre was constituted by topics. 

He is attracted by Archaic and Classical Greece. He is interested in studying the contingency of ancient literature, philosophy, and institutions.

In 2020-23, Hyunjip temporarily left Stanford to serve in the Korean military. For 3 years, he served as Air Force officer (first lieutenant) and, as Assistant Professor at the Republic of Korea Air Force Academy, he taught ancient and modern philosophy as well as courses in Classics to cadets. He was given the Best Professor Award in 2022. He was discharged on 30 November 2023, and he has returned to Stanford to continue his PhD as of 2024.

Hyunjip has published in the Swedish journal Eranos (‘Apollonius Rhodius and a Homeric Gloss’) and the Korean Journal of Graeco-Roman Studies (‘Notes on Thesmophoriazusae 26-28: Doors, Metatheatre, and Intellectual Comedy’).

Hyunjip wrote a monthly column in Seoul Shinmun, a Korean daily newspaper, from 2018 to 2022. 

His first book, 내 불운은 어디서 오는 것일까?, a collection of essays, was published in Korea in February 2024.

Office Hours
Thurs 17:30-18:30