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Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne

Ph.D. Classics, Stanford University, 2016
B.A. Classics, Middlebury College, 2005

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne received her Ph.D from the Department of Classics at Stanford University in 2016. Her current research project, “Parodies of Paideia,” looks at three works of imperial fiction – the Life of Aesop, the Story of Apollonius of Tyre, and the Alexander Romance – through the lens of literate education. Integrating approaches from reader-response and social-scientific criticism, this study considers how ancient readers at various levels of paideia made sense of these texts. This research ultimately reveals that Aesop, Apollonius, and Alexander satirize both canonical authors of the school curriculum and the conventions of elite erudition that surround them. “Popular” imperial fiction thus emerges as a genre deeply invested in its secondary status vis-à-vis the classical Greek past, and an active participant in the literary landscape of the Second Sophistic. 

Jacqueline is also interested in the study of Greek medicine, especially the interesection of ancient literature and medical writing in the Roman Empire. Furthermore, she maintains an interest in ancient Persia and has studied Old Persian.


June 2014