JJ  Lugardo

JJ Lugardo

PhD Student, Ancient History
B.A. Princeton University, 2020 (Classics)
Post-Baccalaureate, Yale University, 2021 (Classics)

JJ is a Classics PhD student on the Ancient History track. She holds a B.A. in Classics from Princeton University. Ηer thesis, “And Here I Stand, A God Incognito”: Optics, Religion, and Space in Philip II’s Politics, used spatial analysis techniques and 3D modeling software to offer insight into the role architectural networks played in Philip II and Alexander the Great’s regimes. While completing a post-bac at Yale, JJ explored imprisonment and civil death in Sophocles’ Antigone, and she is excited to conduct a more intensive historical study of confinement and bondage while at Stanford.

Her research interests include ancient and medieval political theory as well as interdisciplinary and digital approaches to Classics. She is also interested in the reception of classical texts in Latin America and the Caribbean. JJ is always excited to chat about Marvel, her two kittens, and her experiences navigating academia as a first-generation QPOC, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

Research Interest(s)