Jody Maxmin
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Jody Maxmin

Associate Professor of Art and Art History and of Classics
Prof. Maxmin's research includes Greek painting and sculpture, archaic Greek art, the art and culture of 5th century Athens, classical influence on later art, athletics in ancient Greece.
·      "Euphronios: A Presbyope in Ancient Athens?" (with Michael Marmor) in Marmor & Ravin (eds.), The Eye of the Artist (St. Louis: 1997).
·      "A Hellenistic Echo in Daumier's Penelope?" Art International, (August 1984), 38-47
·      "Meniskoi and the Birds," JHS xcv (1975), 175-80.
·      Poetry in Prairie Schooner (Summer 1974, 162-65; Summer 1976, 131; Autumn 1982, 85; Summer 1984, 94; Summer 1987, 104-6; 1989, 108).


Research Interest(s)
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Ancient Greek Archaeology
Classical Art
McMurtry Building, Room 322
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