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Kim Van Liefferinge

Kim Van Liefferinge

Postdoctoral Scholar

In October of 2014 I left my hometown of Ghent, Belgium for Stanford, where I began a yearlong post-doctoral fellowship sponsored by the Belgian American Educational Foundation.

As a Classical archaeologist, my research focuses on the technology of ancient Greece, with a special focus on the Athenian silver mines at Laurion. During the past year I have been working on two topics: first, I’ve been expanding on a study already initiated during my PhD, for which I use hydrological analyses to test the operability of silver processing workshops at the Laurion. In April of 2015 I presented results from this project at the 8th IEMA conference at Buffalo. Second, I’ve begun a project on the social impact of technology in Classical Greece, preliminary results from which I’ll be presenting this November at the Levantis Conference at Edinburgh.

Outside of Stanford, I’ve also been working on a side project about the history of food and drinks together with friend and colleague Annelies Van Wittenberghe. Our first book, a cookbook containing 120 historical recipes forthcoming in March of 2016, sketches the history of flavors from ancient times until the 20th century. This fall I will begin researching recipes for our second cookbook, which will focus on historical drinks rather than food.