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Lela Urquhart

Lela Urquhart

Assistant Professor of History, Georgia State University
Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, 2009, Stanford University
B.A. (Honors) in Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lela Urquhart is Assistant Professor in the History department at Georgia State University. She won a Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize in 2009, and spent her year at the Academy finishing her dissertation on Colonial Religion and Indigenous Society in the Western Mediterranean: Impact, Interactions, and Integrations (advised by Ian Morris, Richard Martin, Josh Ober, and Giovanna Ceserani). While at Stanford, Lela was a Geballe Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center (2008-2009).  Her research interests include religious architecture, colonization and colonialism, Phoenician and Punic archaeology, ethnic identity, and the historiographic tradition.  Lea is currently completing two articles based on her earlier dissertation research.  One examines treatments of religion and religious change within the development of the "Hellenization" narrative in modern historiography between the 17th and 20th centuries, while the other looks into the economic investment of temple building in Archaic and Classical Sicily.  She has excavated in North Carolina, Sicily, Crete, and Israel and was assistant director of the Monte Polizzo Archaeological Project in Salemi (TP), Sicily.


July 2010
This project examines the long-term responses of indigenous societies in Sicily and Sardinia to colonial religion in the ancient western...