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Lizzy Ten-Hove

White woman with short red hair, glasses, and a blue sweater.

Lizzy Ten-Hove

PhD, Classics, Stanford University, 2021

Lizzy received her PhD from Stanford in December 2020 with a dissertation titled "Aeschylus and the Cultural History of Tragedy: Dramatic Connoisseurship, Ideology, and Poetics from the 5th c. BCE to the 5th c. CE."  Her academic interests encompass the cultural history of drama, modern receptions of tragedy, and language pedagogy. She is active in modern performances of ancient texts as an actor, translator, and director, and is currently a member of the SCS Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance.

Outside of Classics, Lizzy is a fiber artist and knitting pattern designer, and a co-host of the Natural Toonie podcast.


Spring 2020-2021
Beginning Latin