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Matthew P. Loar

Matthew P. Loar

PhD, Stanford University, 2015
MSt, Oxford University, 2009
BA, Washington and Lee University, 2007

I completed my PhD in June 2015 and am currently an Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You can follow me at

My dissertation, “Hercules at the Crossroads of Augustan Literature and Art,” examined literary and material representations of the two Augustan myths of Hercules (with Cacus and Omphale), arguing that they address two separate anxieties about faltering normative power structures in Augustan Rome: the former speaks to anxieties about succession; the latter engages with anxieties about masculinity.


June 2015
Two separate and seemingly unrelated myths of Hercules flourished in Rome during the Augustan period: the triumphant Hercules’ defeat of the robber-...