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Meritxell Ferrer Martin

Meritxell Ferrer Martin

Postdoctoral Scholar


Meritxell Ferrer is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She previously was a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University, Classics Department and Archaeology Center from March 2013 through July 2015. She earned her Ph.D. from IUHJVV-UPF (Barcelona, Spain) in 2012 with a dissertation entitled “Sicilian Acropolei: communities, rituals and powers (10th – 5th BC).

Her research specializes in the archaeology of the Mediterranean during the Iron Age, mainly Phoenician and Greek colonization in the western Mediterranean, with a particular interest in Sicily and the Iberian Peninsula. Her interests encompass themes such as post-colonial perspectives, cultural contact, ritual, gender and power relations and contemporary uses of the past. Meritxell has done fieldwork in Spain, Sicily, Portugal and Sardinia.

Currently, Meritxell is participating in an international project called “Interaction, identity and material culture: a comparative study of three colonial spaces (Empúries-Ullastret, Málaga bay and Oristano-Nuraghe S’Uraki, 6th-4th centuries BC”.


June 2013
In recent years, the emergence of new theoretical perspectives such as post-structuralism, post-colonialism and feminism in the study of colonial...