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Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Professor of Classics
Faculty, Stanford Archaeology Center

Prof. Shanks' research interests include design history and research; archaeological theory; heritage studies and archaeologies of the contemporary past; the archaeology of Grece-Roman urbanism; the regional archaeology of the English-Scottish borders.


Michael Shanks, Bill Rathje, Chris Witmore
January 2013
Archaeology in the Making is a collection of bold statements about archaeology, its history, how it works, and why it is more important than...
Michael Shanks, Bjornar Olsen, Timothy Webmoor, Christopher Witmore
November 2012
Archaeology has always been marked by its particular care, obligation, and loyalty to things. While archaeologists may not share similar perspectives...
Michael Shanks, Gabriella Giannachi, Nick Kaye, eds
April 2012
Archaeologies of Presence is a brilliant exploration of how the performance of presence can be understood through the relationships between...
March 2012
Archaeology is a way of acting and thinking—about what is left of the past, about the temporality of what remains, about material and temporal...
Michael Shanks, Mike Pearson
February 2001
Theatre/Archaeology is a provocative challenge to disciplinary practice and intellectual boundaries. It brings together radical proposals in both...
June 1999
Widely known as an innovative figure in contemporary archaeology, Michael Shanks has written a challenging contribution to recent debates on the...