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Nicholas Boterf

Nicholas Boterf

BA in Classics, University of Chicago
PhD in Classics, Stanford University

Nicholas Boterf did his undergraduate study at the University of Chicago.  While at Stanford, he was awarded a Mellon Dissertation Fellowship for 2011-2012.  He graduated from Stanford in Spring 2012 and his dissertation, entitled, "Lyric Cities: Poetry, Performance, and Community," focused on constructions of locality in archaic Greek lyric poetry.  He accepted a Junior Research Fellowship from Durham University in 2013.

He has written articles on archaic Greek literature and culture. The first, "Placing the Poet: The Topography of Authorship,” examines how place influences the concept of authorship in archaic and classical Greece;  the second, "Alcman Gourmand: The Politics of Eating in Archaic Sparta,” examines how dining and politics intersect in a peculiar poem of Alcman’s that describes a tripod full of pea soup.

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July 2012
My dissertation analyzes how poets in archaic Greece interacted with their own local communities and how they positioned themselves within the...