Photo of Nicole Constantine

Nicole Constantine

B.A. Anthropology and History, Loyola University Chicago
M.A. Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa
M.A. Classics, Brandeis University

My research is centered on understanding economic, cultural and social interaction in and around the ancient Mediterranean. I am interested in the use of material evidence, particularly ceramics, to study Mediterranean trade and the effect of social and political change on systems of exchange. 

 I am currently working to study the ceramic table vessels from Hellenistic Harbor at Akko and the ancient city of Daphne (modern Harbiye, Turkiye). I also serve as an editorial intern for the Levantine Ceramics Project, an open-access database for the digital publication of ceramic data from the Levant. I have participated in fieldwork at a variety of sites in Israel, including the underwater survey and excavation projects at Tel Dor and Caesarea Maritima. In summer 2022, I joined the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in Southeastern Sicily.

Research Interest(s)