Sasha Barish

M.A. in Classics, Rutgers University, 2022 & B.A. in Classics and in Linguistics, Harvard University, 2020

Sasha Barish is a PhD student on the Language and Literature track and is primarily interested in Latin philology. His research focuses on intersections of language and culture in the Roman world, drawing on both literary analysis and historical sociolinguistics. Sasha’s undergraduate thesis examined the vocabulary and discourse of insults directed at enslaved people in Latin texts, especially in comedy. This is part of an ongoing interest in ancient politeness and impoliteness, including verbal duels and slurs. During his M.A., he also researched multilingual personal naming practices in Roman Africa and elsewhere. 

Before coming to Stanford, Sasha taught Latin and Ancient Greek at the Horace Mann School. He believes in the value of public-facing and inclusive humanities work and has therefore written for publications including Eidolon and In Medias Res

Research Interest(s)