Serena  Crosson

Serena Crosson

PhD Candidate, Classical Archaeology Track

Serena Crosson is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in Classics and Roman archaeology at Stanford University. She earned her BA in Classical Languages with high honors from UC Berkeley in 2012, and completed her MA in Classics with a concentration in Roman archaeology from San Francisco State University in 2016.

Her dissertation engages with feminist theory and issues of gender, class, and labor in Roman wall paintings from Pompeii and contemporary sites. She proposes a new method of analysis called looking-through-labor, which is grounded in Social Reproduction Theory (SRT), to understand forms of women's seen and unseen labor in Roman material culture and texts. 

She has conducted fieldwork at Vindolanda Roman Fort in Hexham, England (2014); the Via Consolare Project (San Francisco State University)in Pompeii, Italy (2019); the Sanisera Archaeology Institute at Sanisera in Menorca, Spain (2021); the Tharros Archaeological Research Project (University of Cincinnati) at Tharros in Sardinia, Italy (2021-23); and the Pompeii I.14 Project (Tulane University) in Pompeii, Italy (2022-23). 

Research Subfields
Ancient Roman Archaeology
Ancient Roman History
Classical Art
Classical Reception
Digital Humanities
Latin Language
Latin Literature