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Aisthesis: Undergraduate Journal of Classical Studies: Vol.10

Didier Natalizi Baldi
Lena Cavicchia
Lucy Chat
Fiona Clunan
Katherine Finley
Natalie Francis
Kiana Hu
Michaela Phan
Sadie Sarkisian
Stanford Department of Classics

Classics is a field that thrives on interpretation and collaboration. In this way, there is a push and a pull between the modern and the ancient, the original context and what the work means to us today. Deriving this understanding comes from a common interest in supporting the best academic output while working together to establish a balance between the two. Without these elements, the discipline would lack the richness and depth it possesses today. We are delighted that Aisthesis continues to build connections between Stanford Classicists, and provides a space for undergraduate scholarship within the discipline.

We are pleased to present the tenth edition of Aisthesis, and proud to publish two remarkable papers. Focused on some of the most influential authors and works in the Classical canon, these papers emphasize the necessity of considering ancient works both in context as well as in new ways. In this pursuit, these two papers adopt intertextual approaches to examine their respective subject matters.