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July 1991
In 1991 the department and the university celebrated 100 years. Included are a departmental history by Lionel Pearson, letter from the editor by Mark...
August 1990
Summer 1990 department newsletter featuring commencement, honors/news, a travel log, Vaughan Centennial Institute for Homer and Linear B, Stanford in...
August 1989
Autumn 1989 department newsletter featuring commencement, Stanford in Greece, travel reports, alumni news and an in memoriam of Isabelle Raubitschek.
January 1988
Winter 1988 department newsletter featuring faculty research, Stanford in Greece, alumni news, the Lionel Pearson Memoir, deaths/marriages, alumni...
Richard Saller, P.D.A. Garnsey
July 1987
During the first, stable period of the Principate (roughly from 27 BC to AD 235), when the empire reached its maximum extent, Roman society and...