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Journal Articles

November 2019
Amphoras, Exchange, and the Agricultural Economy of the Knidia
The contributions to this special thematic issue of HEROM: Journal on Hellenistic and...
November 2018
Article by Adrienne Mayor published in History Today, Volume 68, Issue 11
"Autocrats have deployed automatons as weapons since antiquity, not just in...
October 2018
"Those who warn about the potential dangers and unintended consequences of artificial intelligence and machine learning are right to invoke Pandora...
October 2017
This article bridges two divergent traditions in the study of Graeco-Roman shipwrecks: analysis of single well-explored sites and growing databases...
Giovanna Ceserani, Thea De Armond, Sarah C. Murray, Giorgio Caviglia, Nicole Coleman, Molly Taylor-Poleskey
March 2017
As published in the American Historical Review by Giovanna Ceserani, Giorgio Caviglia, Nicole Coleman, Thea De Armond, Sarah Murray, and Molly Taylor...
Giovanna Ceserani, Caroline Winterer, Dan Edelstein, Paula Findlen, Nicole Coleman
March 2017
As published in the American Historical Review by Dan Edelstein, Paula Findlen, Giovanna Ceserani, Caroline Winterer, and Nicole Coleman:
"What can a...
July 2016
Jennifer Trimble. “The Zoninus collar and the archaeology of Roman slavery.” American Journal of Archaeology 120.3 (July 2016) 447–472....
Ronnie Shi, Llewelyn Morgan
May 2015
Ronnie Shi's article appears in Volume 145 of the Transactions of the American Philological Association. From the abstract: 
"Although Virgil’s...
January 2015
Edited by C. Fernández, J. T. Nápoli, and G. Zecchin de Fasano. La Plata, Argentina (pp. 239-58).
November 2014
Article written by Adrienne Mayor in the LA Times published on November 29, 2014.
Some 2,500 years ago, the Greeks had a big Amazon moment. Read...
June 2014
June 2013
In recent years, the emergence of new theoretical perspectives such as post-structuralism, post-colonialism and feminism in the study of colonial...
Jon A. Weiland, J.T. Watson
January 2013
Watson, J. T., and J. Weiland. "Documenting Archaeological Mortuary Features using High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging." International Journal of...
January 2011
Weiland, Jonathan. "Malaria in Etruria." Etruscan Studies 14, no. 1 (2011): 97-106.
January 2009
Weiland, Jonathan. "A Comparison and Review of Window Glass Analysis Approaches in Historical Archaeology." Technical Briefs in Historical...