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Vana-Kreeka Müüdid (Estonian translation)

Ulle Jalle (translator)
March 2007

Reverend Richard P. Martin teaches Greek and Roman literature at Stanford University, where he chairs the ancient Greek and ancient Roman literature in the Chair. He received a bachelor's degree (from the ancient Greek and ancient Roman and Celtic literature), a master's degree and doctorate (in classical philology) at Harvard University, has worked as a journalist for the Boston Globe, and taught for eighteen years at Princeton University. His hobbies are modern and antiikluule and the poetics of Irish Language and Literature, Modern Greek culture and the world of oral epic traditions of inquiry. He has traveled a lot in Greece, to see with their own eyes the places associated with the myths told in this book.
Here we find the book of myths, which are heavily influenced by our cultural heritage - such as the immortal stories of Orpheus and Eurydice, or the love of Demeter mourning the loss of Persephone, daughter captivate readers today. Of Hercules, Perseus, and Theseuse adventures are interwoven with a mortal and the immortal Prometheus Oedipus tragedies, love the adventures of Zeus, Hermes and Dionysus vempude bliss.
A thorough introduction to the beginning of each part will help you sell better understand and enhance lugemisnaudingut. The book contains a total of fifty-six legendary stories.