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Undergraduate Program

Meaghan Carley and Christina Smith

Meaghan Carley and Christina Smith (both BA, 2016) after successful honors thesis presentations.

Stanford Classics students benefit from a wide array of opportunities available through the department.  In addition to an abundance of major and minor tracks, students may also choose to engage in an honors thesis project, or work towards a coterminal Masters degree, or take advantage of department support to study abroad in the Mediterranean region.

The department offers five tracks to the ancient world: Classical Studies, Ancient History, Greek, Latin, and Greek & Latin.


There are four tracks in the Classics minor: Classical Studies, Ancient History, Classical Languages, and Philosophy & Literature.

Writing a senior thesis confers University Honors and presents an opportunity to delve in-depth on a topic of interest with close advisement and encouragement from a Classics faculty member.

There is more to the Classics major declaration process than just declaring it in Axess! Perhaps the most important aspect is finding a suitable Classics Faculty Adviser.

Stanford students in any undergraduate major who are interested in graduate work in Classics may apply for the department's coterminal master's program.

Majors and minors are eligible to apply for departmental funding in support of special travel and learning.  The majority of requests are for study abroad, but may also include coursework in the U.S., conferences, honors or independent research, and archaeological digs.

A helpful guide for all the forms and information you need as an undergraduate.

Have questions along the way?

Contact a Peer Mentor, the Student Services Officer, or the Director of Undergraduate Studies!