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Feb 12 2021
PhD student, Brian Bigio, was selected to present his research at the Australasian Society for Classical Studies' 42nd meeting held February 8-12, 2021. Congratulations Brian! Paper title: ‘Saving the Mind’: Toward a New Etymological Understanding of Σωφροσύνη
Photo of grad student Ümit Ozturk
Jan 14 2021
Congratulations to Ümit Ozturk, PhD student! He has been awarded the Eugene Cruz-Uribe Memorial Student Grant. This grant will support Ümit’s research for the data-collection stage of his dissertation project on the fiscal regimes of the eastern Mediterranean.
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Jan 6 2021
The Stanford Classics Department would like to congratulate our faculty, lecturers, fellows, graduate students, and alumni who are presenters, organizers, panelists, and discussants at the annual meeting this week!
Photo of grad student Paula Gaither
Jan 4 2021
The Getty's Iris Blog features work by 1st year PhD student Paula Gaither and colleagues, "Rethinking Descriptions of Black Africans in Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art". An excerpt: As we work towards an understanding of the ancient Mediterranean that better acknowledges the diversity of its...
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Dec 11 2020
Stanford Humanities Center Welcomes Hume Fellows Three of this year's fellows are from our very own department. Please join us in congratulating them.   "Nominated by faculty advisers early in the fall quarter, each of the students receiving a fellowship is writing an honors thesis in one of...