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Namedissertation titleCurrent position 
Kevin Ennis (Ph.D. 2023)Economies of Weaving: Women, Labor, and Textiles at Morgantina from the Bronze Age to the Republican EraLecturer, Indian University Bloomington
Catherine Teitz (Ph.D. 2023)The Best Laid Plans: Assessing Urban Space on Hadrian's WallResearch Fellowship, Romano-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute
Ian Tewksbury (Ph.D. 2023)Death is a Feast: The Ideology of the Homeric BanquetAssistant Professor, University of San Francisco
Sarah Wilker (Ph.D. 2023)The Social Life of Ancient Markets: Using Formal Network Approaches and Ceramic Data to Reconceptualize Market Behavior in the Late Classical–Early Hellenistic (400–200 BCE) Southeast AegeanVisiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
Grace Erny (Ph.D. 2022)Landscapes of Inequality: Social Differentiation in Geometric through Classical CreteAssistant Professor, UC Berkeley 
Amanda Gaggioli (Ph.D. 2022)Earthquakes and the Structuring of Greco Roman Society: the longue dur e of human geological environment relationships in Helike, GreeceAssistant Professor, The University of Memphis
Dillon Gisch (Ph.D. 2022)In Search of  Other  Venuses: images of vulva covering Venus at the margins of the ancient world and modern typological discourseLinkedIn Profile
Chenye "Peter" Shi (Ph.D. 2022)Getting Around in a Byzantine Village: Social Network and Financial Activities in Sixth Century AphroditoLinkedIn Profile
Veronica Shi (Ph.D. 2022)Writing and the Origins of Greek Intellectual Influence 
Vladimir Gildin Zuckerman (Ph.D. 2022)The Efficacy of Beauty: Aesthetics and Action in the Thought of Xenophon of AthensLinkedIn Profile
Brian Bigio (Ph.D. 2021) Saving the Mind : An Etymological Inquiry into the Cognitive Behavioral Function of the Ancient Greek Value SophrosyneVisiting Assistant Professor, Whitman College
Anja Krieger (Ph.D. 2021)People, Ships, and the Sea: Seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 13th Century BCE to c. 4th Century Profile
David Pickel (Ph.D. 2021)The Malarial Landscapes of Roman Central Italy: An Archaeological Study of Disease ExposureACLS Emerging Voices Fellow and a Georgetown Humanities Initiative Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgetown University
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ten-Hove (Ph.D. 2021)Aeschylus and the Cultural History of Tragedy: Dramatic Connoisseurship, Ideology, and Poetics from the 5th Century BCE to the 5th Century CELecturer, Stanford University
Leonardo Cazzadori (Ph.D. 2020)The Poet's Display: The Genre of Hellenistic Expository Profile
Anne Duray (Ph.D. 2020)The Idea of Greek  Pre history: Archaeological Knowledge Production and the Making of "Early Greece," c. 1950 1980Lecturer, University of Colorado Boulder
Eunsoo Lee (Ph.D. 2020)Visual Agency in Euclid s Elements: A study of the Transmission of Visual KnowledgeAssistant Professor, Seoul National University
Alyson Melzer (Ph.D. 2020)The Somatics of Style: The Body in Ancient Greek Theories of Verbal ArtAssistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington
Matthieu Abgrall (Ph.D. 2019)Legal innovation in archaic Greece : the case of monumental written laws.Diplomat, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nolan Epstein (Ph.D. 2019)Choral Orientations: Spatial Cognition and Geopoetics in Pindar, Bacchylides, and Simonides 
Edward Kelting (Ph.D. 2019)The Greek Face of Roman EgyptAssistant Professor, UC San Diego
Kilian Mallon (Ph.D. 2019)Religion at the End of Empire: Church Construction, Labor Mobilization, and Social Power in the Late Antique Western MediterraneanLinkedIn Profile
Scott Weiss (Ph.D. 2019)Birth of the Grotesque: Dynamics of Display in Neronian Art and LiteraturePostdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis
Scott Arcenas (Ph.D. 2018)Stasis: the nature, frequency, and intensity of political violence in ancient GreeceAssistant Professor, University of Montana
Simeon Ehrlich (Ph.D. 2018)Greco Roman Urban Form in its Global ContextAssistant Professor, Concordia University
Israel "Izzy" McMullin (Ph.D. 2018)Touching Heroes: the Homeric construction of intimacyLibrary Operations Manager, The University of New Mexico
Stephen Sansom (Ph.D. 2018)The Poetics of Style in the Shield of Heracles: Speech, Ekphrasis, and SoundAssistant Professor, Florida State University
Brittney Szempruch (Ph.D. 2018)Songs of Empire: Embedded Hymns and the Latin Hymnic TraditionAssistant Professor, Air Force Academy
Jonathan Weiland (Ph.D. 2018)The Invisible Romans: An Archaeological Investigation of the Poorest Roman Burials and Their Contexts in Imperial Period ItalyScientific Recovery Expert, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), US Department of Defense
Ava Shirazi (Ph.D. 2017)The Mirror and the Senses: Reflection and Perception in Classical Greek ThoughtAssistant Professor, Haverford University 
Artemis Brod (Ph.D. 2016)Previous Selves: Body and Narrative in Aelius Aristides Hieroi Logoi and Apuleius Metamorphoses 
Megan Daniels (Ph.D. 2016)The Queen of Heaven and a Goddess for all the People: Kingship, Religion, and Cultural Evolution between Greece and the Near East, 3000 500 BCELecturer, University of New England
Thea De Armond (Ph.D. 2016)"Se svou ne navnou prac ": Anton n Salac and Classics at the MarginsAdjunct Faculty, New Mexico State University
David Driscoll (Ph.D. 2016)Acting the Exegete: Homeric Quotation and Interpretation in Imperial Literary Profile
Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne (Ph.D. 2016)Parodies of Paideia: Prose Fiction and High Learning in the Roman EmpireAssistant Professor, University of Virginia
Mark Pyzyk (Ph.D. 2016)Economies of Expertise: Knowledge and Skill Transfer in Classical GreeceLinkedIn Profile
Alan Sheppard (Ph.D. 2016)The Development of Epigram in Classical Profile
Federica Carugati (Ph.D. 2015)In Law We Trust Each Other : Legal Institutions, Democratic Stability and Economic Development in Classical AthensLecturer, King's College London
Katharine Kreindler (Ph.D. 2015)Consumption and Exchange in Central Italy in the Ninth through Sixth centuries BCELinkedIn Profile
Matthew Loar (Ph.D. 2015)Hercules at the Crossroads of Augustan Literature and ArtDirector of Fellowships, Washington and Lee University
Carolyn MacDonald (Ph.D. 2015)Looking like a Roman, Looking like a Greek: Viewing as Cultural Performance in the Late Republic and Early EmpireAssociate Professor, University of Brunswick 
Donni Wang (Ph.D. 2015)The Olympian Economic Alternative from Ancient Greece: A Convivial Model Without Market Exchange or State Profile
Hans Wietzke (Ph.D. 2015)Knowledge in person: the socio literary self fashioning of the Greek expository authorLecturer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dan-El Padilla Peralta (Ph.D. 2014)Divine Institutions: Religious Practice, Economic Development, and social transformation in mid republican RomeAssociate Professor, Princeton University
Robert Stephan (Ph.D. 2014)House Size and Economic Growth: Regional Trajectories in the Roman WorldAssociate Professor, The University of Arizona
Juan De Vivo (Ph.D. 2013)The Memory of Greek Battle: Warfare, Identity and MaterialityLinkedIn Profile
Foivos Karachalios (Ph.D. 2013)The Politics of Judgment: Dispute Resolution and State Formation from the Homeric World to Solon s AthensLinkedin Profile
James Kierstead (Ph.D. 2013)A Community of Communities: Associations and Democracy in Classical AthensLecturer, Victoria University of Wellington
Sarah Murray (Ph.D. 2013)Trade, Imports, & Society in Early Greece: 1300 900 B.C.E.Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Melissa Bailey (Ph.D. 2012)To Separate the Act From the Thing:  Technologies of Value in the Ancient MediterraneanAssistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Nicholas Boterf (Ph.D. 2012)Lyric Cities: Poet, Performance, and CommunityLinkedIn Profile
Al Duncan (Ph.D. 2012)Tragic Ugliness: The Interplay of Genre and Aesthetics in Greek DramaAssistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sarah Janda (Ph.D. 2012)Not Written in Stone: Martial and the Epigrammatic ReaderLatin Teacher, Kehillah High School
Elizabeth Jones (Ph.D. 2012)Lyric Physicality: Bodies and Objects in Archaic Greek Lyric PoetryLinkedIn Profile
Matthew Simonton (Ph.D. 2012)The Rules of the Few: Institutions and the Struggle for Political Order in Classical Greek OligarchiesAssociate Professor, Arizona State University
Kathryn Aftosmis (Ph.D. 2011)The Performance of Justice in Imperial Latin Literature 
Courtney Roby (Ph.D. 2011)The Encounter of Knowledge: Technical Ekphrasis Between Alexandria and RomeAssociate Professor, Cornell University 
Darian Totten (Ph.D. 2011)Thinking Regionally: Rural landscapes and economic connections in Roman southern ItalyAssistant Professor, McGill University
Jason Aftosmis (Ph.D. 2010)Paradigm and Discourse in Archaic Greek Poetry 
Vincent Tomasso (Ph.D. 2010)"Cast in Later Grecian Mould": Quintus of Smyrna s Reception of HomerAssociate Professor, Trinity College Hartford Connecticut
Lela Urquhart (Ph.D. 2010)Colonial Religion and Indigenous Societies in the Archaic Western Mediterranean, c. 750 400 BCELinkedIn Profile
Rachel Ahern Knudsen (Ph.D. 2009)The Artificer of Discourse: Homeric Speech and the Origins of RhetoricLinkedIn Profile
Daphne Kleps (Ph.D. 2009)Archaism and Orality in Homeric SyntaxClassics Tutor
Sarah Levin-Richardson (Ph.D. 2009)Roman Provocations: Interactions with Decorated Spaces in Early Imperial Rome and PompeiiAssociate Professor, University of Washington
Margaret Butler (Ph.D. 2008)Of Swords and Strigils:  Social Change in Ancient Macedon 
Christelle Fischer-Bovet (Ph.D. 2008)Army and Society in Ptolemaic EgyptAssociate Professor, USC
Charles Gladhill (Ph.D. 2008)Foedera: A Study in Roman Poetics and SocietyAssociate Professor, McGill University
Ulrike Krotscheck (Ph.D. 2008)Scale, Structure, and Organization of Archaic Maritime Trade in the Western Mediterranean: the "Pointe Lequin 1A"Faculty, The Evergreen State College
Andrew Monson (Ph.D. 2008)Agrarian Institutions in Transition: Privatization from Ptolemaic to Roman EgyptProfessor, University of Wuerzburg (Germany)
Micah Myers (Ph.D. 2008)The Frontiers of the Empire and the Boundaries of World in the Augustan Poetic ImaginaryAssociate Professor, Kenyon College
David Platt (Ph.D. 2008)A Cultural Studies Approach to Roman Public Libraries: Social Negotiation, Changing Spaces, and EuergetismLinkedIn Profile
James Collins (Ph.D. 2007)Philosophical Advertisements: Protreptic Marketing in Fourth Century Greek CultureSenior Lecturer in Greek Language and Literature, The University of Sydney
Lidewijde De Jong (Ph.D. 2007)Becoming a Roman province: An analysis of funerary practices in Roman Syria in the context of empireAssociate Professor, University of Groningen
Danielle Steen (Ph.D. 2007)Many Waters: Bathing Ethe of Roman PalestineAssociate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Associate Professor of History; Chair of Archaeology, Knox College
Eirene Visvardi (Ph.D. 2007)Dancing the Emotions: Pity and Fear in the Tragic ChorusAssociate Professor, Wesleyan University
Mark Alonge (Ph.D. 2006)The Hymn to Zeus from Palaikastro: religion and tradition in post Minoan CreteClassics and History Teacher, Boston University Academy
Marcus Folch (Ph.D. 2006)Genre, Gender, and Performance In Plato's LawsAssociate Professor, Columbia University 
Julia Hawkins (Ph.D. 2006)The Poetics of Medicine in Augustan EpicAssociate Professor, The Ohio State University
Robert Kelly (Ph.D. 2006)Tibullus  Literary Farm: Rusticity and Poetics in Elegies Book 1 
Jack Mitchell (Ph.D. 2006)The Aural Iliad: Alexandrian Performances of an Archaic TextAssociate Professor, Dalhousie University 
Trinity Jackman (Ph.D. 2005)Political Communities in Archaic and Classical Sicily and Southern ItalyArchaeologist, Royal Ontario Museum
Donald Lavigne (Ph.D. 2005)Iambic Configurations: Iambos from Archilochus to HoraceAssociate Professor, Texas Tech University
Brett Rogers (Ph.D. 2005)Before Paideia: Representations of Education in Aeschylean TragedyProfessor, University of Puget Sound
Christopher Witmore (Ph.D. 2005)Multiple field approaches in the Mediterranean: Revisiting the Argolid Exploration ProjectProfessor, Texas Tech University
Allen Romano (Ph.D. 2004)First Rites: Origin Stories in Ancient Greek LiteratureAssociate Professor, Florida State University
Thomas Hawkins (Ph.D. 2003)Cursing, Control and Christianity:  The Iambike Idea in Late AntiquityAssociate Professor, The Ohio State University
Christopher McLaren (Ph.D. 2003)Clarifying Obscurity: Heraclitean Darkness in Plato and Arsitotle 
Cashman Prince (Ph.D. 2003)The Rhetoric of Instruction in Archaic Greek Didactic PoetryLinkedIn Profile
David Smith (Ph.D. 2003)How the West was One: The Formation of Greek Cultural Identity in Italy and SicilyAssociate Professor, SF State
Meredith Monaghan (Ph.D. 2002)Unfinished Business in the Argonautica of Valerius FlaccusDirector (Academic Fellowships), Brandeis University
James Quillin (Ph.D. 2002)Imaginary Invasions of Italy:  Fear Propaganda, Consensus, and Imperialism, 200 146 B.C.High School Director, The Post Oak School
Adam Serfass (Ph.D. 2002)Church Finances from Constantine to Justinian, 312 565 C.E.Professor, Kenyon College
Nicholas Cofod (Ph.D. 2001)Tombstones and Non Elite Self Representation in Roman IberiaBoard Secretary, The Cabin
Susan Hirt (Ph.D. 2001)Erotic Vision in the Conversions of Aseneth and Thecla 
Amy Jervis (Ph.D. 2001)Talking Heads: The Iconography of Mutilation in the Roman Republic 
Irene Polinskaya (Ph.D. 2001)Defining Local Religious Systems in Ancient Greece. The Case Study of the Aeginetan PantheonPro-Vice Dean (Research Culture), Faculty of Arts and Humanities, King's College London
Bruce Hedin (Ph.D. 2000)The Phonological and Syntactic Conditioning of Elision in GreekLinkedIn Profile
Richard Westall (Ph.D. 2000)Caesar's Civil War and the Mediterranean World of 49-48 Profile 
Barbara Clayton (Ph.D. 1999)Postmodern Penelope: Refiguring the Feminine in Homer's OdysseyTeaching Staff, Stanford University
Amy Cohen (Ph.D. 1999)Role Doubling as a Dramatic Technique in Greek TragedyProfessor, Randolph University
Luke Roman (Ph.D. 1999)The Construction of Literary Autonomy in Roman PoetryProfessor, Newfoundland and Labrador's University
Honora Chapman (Ph.D. 1998)Spectacle and theater in Josephus's Bellum JudaicumDean, Fresno State University
Brendon Reay (Ph.D. 1998)Cultivating Romans : Republican agricultural writing and the invention of the AgricolaLinkedIn Profile
Margaret Imber (Ph.D. 1997)Tyrants and mothers: Roman education and ideologyLinkedIn Profile
Michael Schmid (Ph.D. 1996)Speech and Speaker in Pindar 
Phiroze Vasunia (Ph.D. 1996)Hellenizing EgyptProfessor, University College of London
Michael De Vinne (Ph.D. 1995)The advocacy of empty bellies: episcopal representation of the poor in the late Roman Empire 
Donald Hersey (Ph.D. 1995)"To Lead," in Greek epic: oral versification techniques connected with the verb agoLinkedIn Profile
Andrew Bell (Ph.D. 1994)Spectacular power in the ancient cityDeceased
Denise Greaves (Ph.D. 1994)Dionysius Periegetes and the Hellenistic poetic and geographical traditionsPublisher
Peter Hunt (Ph.D. 1994)Slaves and soldiers in classical ideologiesProfessor, University of Colorado Boulder
Joseph Reed (Ph.D. 1993)The Hellenistic tradition and Bion of SmyrnaJoseph Duffield Reed CV
Martha Taylor (Ph.D. 1993)The geographical dimensions of the polis : the history of Salamis from the sixth to the third century BCProfessor, Loyola University Maryland
Kirk Ormand (Ph.D. 1992)The representation of marriage in Sophoclean dramaProfessor, Oberlin College and Conservatory
James Boykin (Ph.D. 1990)Religion and authority in the territory of Roman Carthage from Augustus to ConstantineJames Boykin CV
Cynthia Damon (Ph.D. 1990)Vetus atque antiquus quaestus : the art of the parasite in ancient RomeProfessor, University of Pennsylvania
Karen Myers (Ph.D. 1990)Rerum causae : Ovid's metamorphoses and aetiological narrativeProfessor, University of Virgina
Anna Thorpe (Ph.D. 1989)Prometheus revised : Socratic forethought in the Protagoras 
Christopher Faraone (Ph.D. 1988)Talismans, voodoo dolls and other apotropaic statues in ancient GreeceProfessor, The University of Chicago
Judith Evans-Grubbs (Ph.D. 1987)"Munita coniugia" : the emperor Constantine's legislation on marriage and the familyProfessor Emerita, Emory University
Elise Garrison (Ph.D. 1987)Some contexts of suicide in Greek tragedyLinkedIn Profile
Lesley Jones (Ph.D. 1987)Morbidity and vitality : the interpretation of menstrual blood in Greek scienceProfessor, The University of Texas at Austin
Dirk Obbink (Ph.D. 1987)Philodemus, De Pietate I 
James Benson (Ph.D. 1985)Patañjali's remarks on AṅgaProfessor, Wolfson College Univeristy of Oxford
William Klingshirn (Ph.D. 1985)Authority, consensus and dissent : Caesarius of Arles and the making of a christian community in late antique GaulProfessor, The Catholic University of America
Lawrence Woodlock (Ph.D. 1981)Noun-verb associations and the formula in Homer's Iliad 
David Halperin (Ph.D. 1980)Theocritus and the Ancient Definition of BucolicProfessor, University of Michigan
Jacob Nyenhuis (Ph.D. 1963)Homer and Euripedes: A Study in Characterization 

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