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Historiography Jam III

April 5, 2019 (All day)
Bldg. 110, Rm. 112

Open to students and faculty of the Department of Classics.


To view a detailed schedule of the presentations, please click here.


Emily Baragwanath (UNC Chapel Hill)

   “Intertextuality and Female Agency in Xenophon’s Historiographical Works”

Tyler Denton (CU Boulder)

   “Monumenta and Historiographical Method in Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita

Jackie Elliott (CU Boulder)

   “Person and Perspective: Cato’s Origines and Earlier Traditions of Self-Representation and-Commemoration at Rome”

Jennifer Gerrish (College of Charleston)

   “Sertorius and Civilis: Alternative Empires and Alternative Histories in Sallust and Tacitus”

Luca Grillo (Notre Dame)

   “Irony in Tacitus”

Christopher Krebs (Stanford)

   “Caesarian Archaeology. Voices in BG 7.57-62”

Adam Littlestone-Luria (UC Berkeley)

   “Community and Story: The Aristocratic News Network and the Creation of a ‘Historiography’ of the Shared Present”

Duncan MacRae (UC Berkeley)

   “Twice-Told Tales: 1 Maccabees 8 between Diplomacy and (Greek?) Historiography”

Robert Morstein-Marx (UC Santa Barbara)

   “The Invention of Inuentio

Kelly Shannon-Henderson (Alabama)

   “Paradoxography in Tacitus”

Joshua Smith (UC Santa Barbara)

   “Allusion, Intratextuality, or Self-Imitation? Tacitus’ Agrippinae in Annales 3.1 and 14.8”

Rex Stem (UC Davis)

   “Cicero’s De Amicitia as a Source for Nepos’ Life of Atticus

Christopher van den Berg (Amherst College)

   “The Theory and Practice of Historia in Cicero’s Brutus

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